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LaptopConfig is a tool for accessing features of laptops like hotkeys, acpi-events, display-brightness and powersaving in a platform independent way, so it is possible to run it on different laptops.
LaptopConfig is released under the GPL version 2.

As for now (version 0.5), there is usable support only on Asus notebooks, a very early Toshiba-driver and Sony-Vayo-driver and generic ACPI-support. I found some infos for IBM Thinkpads, we will see how far I come writing support for it without having exact specs.
This may change if I get more information of different laptops and they need a specific acpi-kerneldriver (like Julien Lerouges acpi4asus-project, see at )

Mailing list

There is a mailing list for LaptopConfig. Subscribe here.


  • The PropertyWidget is inspired by Trolltechs Designer, it is based on their very well done work and I borrowed some parts of it.
  • The idea for the Sony Vayo support came from looking through KDE sources (impressive work folks), there is a project named kmilo and I found the interface in Mirko Boehms Vayo-code - thank you Mirko.
  • Thanks have also to go to Julien Lerouge for his acpi4asus-project and all people who contributed to it.
  • Stefan Kombrink, the author of QSynaptics inspired me for the touchpad settings in many ways.
  • I wish to thank Trolltech for making the incredibly powerful and handy Qt-library, Linus Torvalds and the kernelcommunity for making linux, the Free Software Foundation for giving us the wonderful world of free software and the whole opensource community for making such useful and powerful tools:

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